Julia Southard, “Jules”, guides our RIZE student-athletes through the recruiting process, if and when they are ready.

Jules has an extensive background in college coaching and recruiting, serving as a coach and recruiting coordinator for three different Division 1 lacrosse programs across the country. She has been working with high school athletes for over a decade, guiding them through the ins-and-outs of the recruiting process.  

She has assisted a myriad of athletes in their recruiting process by offering insightful and reliable information that ultimately puts the athlete and their family in the driver's seat.  

Whether you are interested in playing at the D-I, D-II, D-III, WCLA (club) level or simply seeking information and knowledge, email Coach Jules. 


RIZE Collegiate Players 

Abby Gillum DePuaw University
Ali Peyton Rochester
Allie Bottarini Boise State
Alta Knuff Cornell club
Amara Higgins Army
Anabelle Brown St. Ambrose
Andrea Garcia-Milla George Fox University
Ashleigh Ricci Michigan State
Audrey Spencer Anderson University
Brynley Hodges Xavier
Caley Ley Fort Lewis
Caroline Daniher Notre Dame club
Carolyn Moor UCLA club
Chloe Castanon Chapman
Devon Morris CMU
Elise Mayer Chapman
Elizabeth Chadwick Chapman
Ella Carlino Belmont Abbey
Ellie Gutierrez Oregon club
Ellie Kennedy Brown club
Emily Clarke Marquette club
Emma Webb George Fox University
Evelyn Baher Murphy Colorado College
Grace Barger Notre Dame club
Grace Carlson Cal Poly club
Grace Heringer UC Davis club
Grace Williams Rhodes
Hannah Shaw College of Wooster
Isabella McCullough William Penn
Jacqueline Landucci University of Redlands
Julia Banfield Maryville
Kaitlin Wallace Puget Sound
Kate Showalter Hamilton
Katie Hill Willamette
Katie Jones UC Davis
Kayla Louis Cal Poly club
Kiki Kappos OSU
Kira Narog Chapman
Laine Weber Coast Guard
Lila Sutherlin University of Washington
Lily Beck UC Boulder club
Lorna Fowles SCAD
Lydia Foust Marquette
Lyndsey Huss Chapman
Maggie Cecilio Augustana
Megan Cann AU
Morgan Folan Boise State
Nicolina Smith Aurora University
Olivia Carlino Belmont Abbey
Olivia Turk CMU
Payton Walker CMU/
Scarlett Lang Ponoma College
Shae Steiner Boise State club
Sophia Gorona UC Davis
Sophie Scola Bates
Stella Cardenas CMU
Sydney Skinner CMU
Taylor Hebert Whitman
Trina Chou Vassar
Zahra Smith Delward State University