"This past year has been hard for all of us and I haven't said it before but I want to thank you for your continued dedication to the girls. Maggie has struggled this past year with her confidence being shaken to the core, even prior to the shutdown. The ONLY thing that kept her engaged and happy was going to RIZE lacrosse practice to see her teammates and coaches. I can't imagine how many girls you have impacted by working tirelessly and continuously to find a way to keep them playing. I just want you to know how grateful we are to have found RIZE and are sooooo appreciative of the wonderful influence you have had on our daughter's life. This club (I think tribe is a better word) is so amazing and the work that you do and the kindness that you show is beyond what a parent could imagine for their kid. This is our 6th or 7th competitive club experience (soccer included) and we truly saved the best for last. You ladies are amazing and I am sure you don't hear it enough because I haven't said it before, but THANK YOU!!!" - Jamie Price (Parent of Maggie '21)

"I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done for me. You helped introduce me to an amazing sport that I am passionate about playing. RIZE and lacrosse have become such an important part of my life and I have you to thank for inspiring and motivating me to do my best and continuing to work hard and improve. I have made some amazing memories playing for RIZE and I will never forget the people I have met and everything I have learned over the last 4 years. So thanks again, it has been an amazing journey."- Emily Clarke '21

"What a wonderful lacrosse club and we are incredibly grateful to the entire RIZE organization for promoting an incredibly positive, inclusive, and supportive environment for all of our players. Jules and her fellow Coaches have been extremely supportive and their approach and encouragement of team chemistry and being supportive teammates has not gone unnoticed by our family. Our Daughter Taylor loved her teammates and her experience with RIZE as she continued to grow as a player and student of the game. RIZE communications have always been clear and concise and  you could not have done a better job keeping us informed and our "to do's" clearly explained.We would be remiss if we did not mention the Chaperone package.   Our daughter participated in the Chaperone package on at least two occasions one of which was a cross-country trip to Florida. Taylor has returned grateful for the opportunity to grow and bond with teammates and coaches on her first trips away from home without her parents in tow. Here's hoping you are able to reinstate the Chaperone package once the Covid pandemic has passed so the next generation of girls have the opportunity to bond and team build while traveling with their respective teams. Thank you again to everyone at RIZE who has helped Taylor grow as a player, teammate, and citizen. Many thanks Jules, Juliet and Team!" - Wayne and Marion Hebert (Parents of Taylor '21 - Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA)

"Our family is so incredibly grateful to you, Jules and the entire RIZE organization. You have been one of the few sports organizations who have worked tirelessly for athletes during this incredibly difficult time, ensuring they have scheduled and structured practices, which has been CRITICAL for the physical and mental health of our kids. The effort and time to even make these practices happen for the kids. . .I can’t even imagine. We again, are so grateful for RIZE and all that you have done for Katie. Her lacrosse and college path were set by this organization. So grateful and thankful" - Tiffany Jones (Parent of Katie '21 UC DAVIS)

"When I made the decision to join NorCal RIZE it was because I wanted to be part of a local team who I knew had the community supporting it. My first impression was no matter the skill level everyone was being developed as a player.  At practices I knew exactly what I needed to personally work on for the day because they told me what to do to get better. The best way I can describe the type of coaches is telling you about the day I got the call that I could no longer attend the school I was committed to for over a year. After receiving the call I was absolutely devastated and in tears. My two coaches, the co-owners of the club, were my second and third calls right after my parents. This was in the morning and by that afternoon I already had interest from another school and they wanted me for a visit. By that night I had 2 or 3 more expressions of interest on top of the first. They didn't hesitate to put what they had to do on hold to help me because that is the genuine care that all the coaches have for the players. I talk about all the help the coaches gave me but also I would not have found other schools without my teammates. We all had the desire to be better every day which was evident on the field at tournaments for all the schools to see. The wins and losses are nothing compared to the memories with our team and for those I am forever grateful."  - Lydia Foust '18 Marquette

"Our daughter entered the RIZE experience as one of the younger players. She could not have been made to feel more welcomed and accepted by all of her coaches and teammates. Not only has she enhanced her skills and love of the game, her self confidence has grown tremendously both on and off the field. We are thrilled to be a part of the RIZE family."  - C.Kalinoswki (Parent of KK '23)

"Joining RIZE in its inaugural season was the best decision I could have ever made not only for me as a lacrosse player but as a person. I didn’t just join a new team that year but gained a family and a support system. When I look back on when I played lacrosse, the first thing that comes to mind is RIZE. Coach Jules and Coach J taught me new skills and developed me into a great player. They are so passionate about the game, and definitely don’t like losing...but really, who does?! Their intensity is infectious but always come from the best place possible. I didn’t want to let them or my teammates down on the field. They taught the importance of truly being a team player and that not one player could win games. However, what I learned at RIZE goes way beyond the lacrosse field. Coach J and Coach Jules built confidence in me, supported me, and empowered me to work hard to achieve my goals. To this day, I can still call both Coach Jules and Coach J to ask for advice or have as a sounding board. You’re not just a part of RIZE for the few years that you are playing lacrosse, but you are a part of the RIZE family for life." - Logan Aitken '17

"Our daughter joined RIZE during its first season and we have never looked back. Coach Jules and Coach J not only welcomed our daughter with opened arms but our entire family. It was evident from day one that lacrosse was more than a sport at RIZE. Coach Jules and Coach J are amazing, positive role models for young, female athletes. They were not only instrumental in developing our daughter’s skills as a lacrosse player but more importantly impacted the person she has become by instilling discipline and confidence. Coach Jules and Coach J’s coaching style is like no other. Their passion, integrity, and charisma is evident on and off the field. Their love of the game is contagious and their team truly looks up to and admires them. Even though our daughter only played RIZE for a year and a half due to age, we are fortunate enough to say that we are a part of the RIZE family for life. " -Tim and Linda Aitken (Parent of Logan '17)

"I wanted to just thank you once again for a great season. I know this is only my second season playing with RIZE but you guys really made me fall in love with lacrosse. I am so lucky to be part of a big, crazy, lacrosse loving family. Thank you for a great tournament and having everything running smoothly. I can’t wait for the summer season! Good luck with your high school seasons and I can’t wait to see you on the field!" - Julia McNair (former RIZE player)

"Skyler had never played lacrosse before joining her high school team a year ago. Her high school team is fairly new (hence, the opportunity for Skyler to "make" the team without even ever having touched a stick!). So really most of skills she has learned have been through RIZE! She says that she learns/improves at every single RIZE practice and she always looks forward to them.You have a fantastic program!!!" - Nicole Campbell (Parent of Skyler '21)

"RIZE has given me so much more than just lacrosse. I have learned how to communicate with my team and have met some of the most amazing people and made so many friends. Coach Jules has taught me how to give and earn respect from those around me whether they be my teammates, coaches, or anyone on the sideline. I am forever indebted to Coach J and Jules for giving me the opportunity to grow not only as a player but as a young woman in whatever I may do next." - Laurel Comiter '19 (Michigan)

"I just wanted to thank Coach J for the totally inspiring speech! Anna had a great time playing for RIZE, she will be back for sure! Your program is amazing. You have created a safe, supported and positive place for young women to rise up to their potential. What a gift you are giving them! It will have long lasting effects on their lives. What it felt like was a sisterhood, with tons of support for one another." - Biffy Cotter (Parent of Anna '22)

"Thank you for being an amazing lacrosse coach. I had an amazing time on RIZE and I made countless friends and memories. I could not have asked for a better lacrosse program to be a part of. I will miss piling into the chap pack's van after tournaments and getting up before the sun to start the day. I learned lifelong lessons and the memories I made I will carry with me for a lifetime. RIZE was an integral part of my high school life and lacrosse journey. Thank you so much for the amazing experience!" -Trinity Harlan (former RIZE player)

"Playing RIZE has greatly contributed to my development as both an athlete and young woman. In three years, Coach Jules and Coach J have taught me how to throw, catch, dodge and shoot well enough to get recruited collegiately to a Division 2 school in Colorado where I am now playing. The biggest lessons I have learned at RIZE are lifelong skills about true character that have stuck with me beyond the field. Being around quirky, confident coaches that genuinely care about each athlete so deeply has created a unique and unforgettable experience for me. I have nothing but good things to say about the program, its coaches, and all it has to offer." - Rachel Hurst '18 (Fort Lewis College)

"We joined RIZE without knowing much about your program. My husband and I could not be happier with our daughter’s experience. The messages you and your coaches pass along to these girls is priceless. We feel so lucky to be part of the RIZE community and hope, as Alejandra is in 6th grade, and we have a younger daughter too, that we can be a part of your program for years to come." - Melissa Schoenwetter (Parent of Alejandra '28)

"Ella is really enjoying the entire RIZE experience. She had a really tough time playing her 1st year at the club level as the youngest on her U14 team and not being included by her teammates until the very end of the season... The unit cohesion and comradery that she is experiencing playing with RIZE this summer is really boosting her confidence and passion for Lacrosse and I can hear she is starting to find her voice on the field as well. Her teammates had some very kind words for her last night at practice, and provided validation as parents we just can't give, and it really made her day and in turn ours." -Tom Lombard (Parent of Ella '28)

"Coach J and Coach Jules, First - both our daughters have been with other comp teams in other sports. You have created by far the best organization we have been involved with. The culture you created with the teams and the amazing communication and organization with the parents really makes you stand above the crowd.Throughout the HS season, we constantly tell Allyson's teammates' parents about how great Rize is and urge them to look into your club.  We want to let you know that all your hard work makes a significant difference for us. Second - on a personal note - we want to thank you for everything you have done for Allyson. I remember clearly after her first tryout. The day before she had just been treated so poorly by another club and someone suggested we go to RIZE. She left the RIZE tryout absolutely beaming and from the get go, she knew she had found a place where she fit in. Coach J - you were her very first interaction at the gate and she would not stop talking about how great you were. Coach Jules - the last couple years she has had the opportunity to be coached directly by you and we have been able to see the change in her.  She is clearly a much better player, but what is more important to us is how much she has been able to grow as a person. She has learned so much from you and we want you to know how important it was to her that she did everything possible to live up to your expectations. A compliment from you would lift her more than you know. Thank you for being so amazing to Allyson. Thank you for creating a space where she felt she belonged. Thank you for being such a positive influence on our daughter! If there is anything we can do for Rize in the future, let us know. You have lifelong fans!" -Brian and Linda (Parents of Allyson '24)

"Coach Juliet and Jules, I just wanted to send a HUGE THANKS to the two of you and the Crimson coaches (Stacey, Kevin & Chris) for an incredible tournament weekend in Palm Springs. Maddie had the BEST TIME at the tournament, and we were able to see how much she has improved during her time at RIZE. She learned a ton during the games at the tournament, and we could even see her confidence building as the games went on thanks to some really great coaching. She's looking forward to the tryouts this weekend and has already gotten us to agree to head back down to Indio in January 2025. Huge thanks again, Stephanie." (Maddie's mom from Crimson Bay Area)