"Playing RIZE has greatly contributed to my development as both an athlete and young woman. In three years, Coach Jules and Coach J have taught me how to throw, catch, dodge and shoot well enough to get recruited collegiately to a Division 2 school in Colorado where I am now playing. The biggest lessons I have learned at RIZE are lifelong skills about true character that have stuck with me beyond the field. Being around quirky, confident coaches that genuinely care about each athlete so deeply has created a unique and unforgettable experience for me. I have nothing but good things to say about the program, its coaches, and all it has to offer." - Rachel Hurst '18 (Fort Lewis College)

"When I made the decision to join NorCal RIZE it was because I wanted to be part of a local team who I knew had the community supporting it. My first impression was no matter the skill level everyone was being developed as a player.  At practices I knew exactly what I needed to personally work on for the day because they told me what to do to get better. The best way I can describe the type of coaches is telling you about the day I got the call that I could no longer attend the school I was committed to for over a year. After receiving the call I was absolutely devastated and in tears. My two coaches, the co-owners of the club, were my second and third calls right after my parents. This was in the morning and by that afternoon I already had interest from another school and they wanted me for a visit. By that night I had 2 or 3 more expressions of interest on top of the first. They didn't hesitate to put what they had to do on hold to help me because that is the genuine care that all the coaches have for the players. I talk about all the help the coaches gave me but also I would not have found other schools without my teammates. We all had the desire to be better every day which was evident on the field at tournaments for all the schools to see. The wins and losses are nothing compared to the memories with our team and for those I am forever grateful."  - Lydia Foust '18 (Marquette)

"Our daughter entered the RIZE experience as one of the younger players. She could not have been made to feel more welcomed and accepted by all of her coaches and teammates. Not only has she enhanced her skills and love of the game, her self confidence has grown tremendously both on and off the field. We are thrilled to be a part of the RIZE family."  - C.Kalinoswki (Parent of KK '23)

"Joining RIZE in its inaugural season was the best decision I could have ever made not only for me as a lacrosse player but as a person. I didn’t just join a new team that year but gained a family and a support system. When I look back on when I played lacrosse, the first thing that comes to mind is RIZE. Coach Jules and Coach J taught me new skills and developed me into a great player. They are so passionate about the game, and definitely don’t like losing...but really, who does?! Their intensity is infectious but always come from the best place possible. I didn’t want to let them or my teammates down on the field. They taught the importance of truly being a team player and that not one player could win games. However, what I learned at RIZE goes way beyond the lacrosse field. Coach J and Coach Jules built confidence in me, supported me, and empowered me to work hard to achieve my goals. To this day, I can still call both Coach Jules and Coach J to ask for advice or have as a sounding board. You’re not just a part of RIZE for the few years that you are playing lacrosse, but you are a part of the RIZE family for life." - Logan Aitken '17

"Our daughter joined RIZE during its first season and we have never looked back. Coach Jules and Coach J not only welcomed our daughter with opened arms but our entire family. It was evident from day one that lacrosse was more than a sport at RIZE. Coach Jules and Coach J are amazing, positive role models for young, female athletes. They were not only instrumental in developing our daughter’s skills as a lacrosse player but more importantly impacted the person she has become by instilling discipline and confidence. Coach Jules and Coach J’s coaching style is like no other. Their passion, integrity, and charisma is evident on and off the field. Their love of the game is contagious and their team truly looks up to and admires them. Even though our daughter only played RIZE for a year and a half due to age, we are fortunate enough to say that we are a part of the RIZE family for life. " -Tim and Linda Aitken (Parent of Logan '17)

"I wanted to just thank you once again for a great season. I know this is only my second season playing with RIZE but you guys really made me fall in love with lacrosse. I am so lucky to be part of a big, crazy, lacrosse loving family. Thank you for a great tournament and having everything running smoothly. I can’t wait for the summer season! Good luck with your high school seasons and I can’t wait to see you on the field!" - Julia McNair (current RIZE player)